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The ABC’s of Guild Longevity and Sustainability – A

I have been playing MMORPG’s for a long time now and one of the things that I have always found interesting is the many personalities guilds have in various games.  This has led to me to start thinking about what makes those guilds that have been around forever so good?  Here are some thoughts that I have.

A For Activities:

What activities are the guild officers and members working on?  Is the guild a hard corps PVP guild, a progression raiding Guild, a casual raiding guild, or is it a social guild? Any of those items can establish a guild and build a solid spirit de corps, for a while. All too often I have seen guilds so focused on one activity, be it dailys, raiding, PVP, arena, or whatever that they miss out on the fact that the new blood coming up in the guild often loses interest and moves on someplace else. Often that move manifests in players either sneaking out in the middle of the night, or making a loud dramatic exit letting all parties know about their displeasure with how the guild is being run.   A successful long term guild will avoid this incorporating activities that play to a wide variety of player interests and include all player levels.

Gasp!!! Include the lowbies?  Surely I jest.  No, not at all, and don’t call me Shirley. One of the most fun guilds I was ever in used to run activities that all levels could do.  One of my favorite was when they would play cow darts.  Basically the game worked like lawn darts except with Tauren launching themselves off the side of thunder bluff.  Was it ridiculous and stupid? Absolutely!! But, it was a huge amount of fun and the entire guild was included.  Nothing beats a flying cow launching through the air with a skilled player hitting the ole /moo on the way down.  This game was great because a player could roll a tune and be into the game in a matter of minutes. A level 1 could play and have just as much fun as a top level character, with a much lower repair bill I might add.

Including activities that the entire guild can participate in will help with guild retention and motivate lower level players to participate more. It will help to bring more shy players out of their shells and get them involved.  Finally it will help to open up cliques that often establish themselves in guilds especially among top level players. Think about what activities your guild could be doing that would boost your inclusion and open up doors for more players to make your guild home.  I would love to hear about your favorite activities in the comments section below.



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