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Game Review-Star Wars Commander For The Iphone

Today I am going to do a review on Disney’s ” Star Wars Commander ” Game for the I-Phone. I have been playing this game now for a couple of months now because lets face it, it’s Star Wars and I am into anything Star Wars.


The game is a typical build your base, and then attack your enemies kind of game, set at the same time period as the events in Star Wars A New Hope. The game follows a parallel storyline with occasional references to what we see in the movie.  As a commander of either Imperials or Rebels the goal is to build up your base so that you can gather resources and then use those resources to construct fighting units that can be used to then go out and attack other players.

The game is centered on two kinds of resources, alloy which is created in alloy refineries, and credits (gold) which is created in credit markets. All building in the game can be upgraded to either produce more, in the case of production buildings, or build more, in the case of manufacturing buildings.  As the player expands and upgrades new types of units can be researched and unlocked.

My own personal experience with this game is that I find myself playing from about five seconds to about two minutes at a time. Most of the time I am in long enough to collect my resources which max out and stop producing fairly quickly.  I have generally tried to save my resources and use them for upgrading my base building s and defenses.

The game does have a PVP component to it in that other players will attack your base and you have the option of using your units and resources to attack theirs. I get messages that pop up quite often that so and so has attacked your base and I log in and see that they wiped my base off the map. Luckily for me it doesn’t really do any long term damage as I am attacked and destroyed several times per day.

The game has many campaigns, storylines, that a player can work through as well as special storylines that are out on a short term bases. The specials often will yield a special unit for the player if the player devotes enough time effort and resources to that campaign.

I see that on the App Store this game carries a 4.5 Star rating and to be honest I haven’t found my experience to quite live up to that. It is a good game and I like the concept, but it has several things going against it. For me the short game play when I log in is a big minus. Combine that with the long upgrade times, my last base upgrade took nearly a week, and the play value is very limited. Still, Star Wars is Star Wars and it has that going for it. I place this game at a solid 3.5 out of 5 on the Grackfang Scale.

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