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First Impressions Warlords of Draenor

Well the much anticipated Warlords of Draenor has finally been released. I thought I would share my first impressions of Warlords of Draenor. So, I got up at 3 a.m. and logged in to finally have the opportunity to check out the new content. I have to say that my level of excitement about this expansion is much lower than previous expansions. Perhaps it is because I was not really into the Mysts of Pandaria expansion and that has tarnished my view of the game, or maybe because I played on that expansion for so long that I am burned out on the game I am not sure.  However, I tried to put that behind me and with energy drink in hand I sat down to play.


After logging in I picked up the  quest that would send me to talk to Khadgar at the dark portal in the blasted lands.  Being the industrious mage that I am I popped a portal to Stonard to port and the game promptly froze.  After a few minutes I was booted from the server.  My next attempt I made it to the portal and there were no NPC’s to be found.  After being booted from the server yet again I was able to make it through the portal and actually begin questing in the starter area.


The starter quests in the new zone were short and not very difficult.  My Mage had no trouble bringing down the kills I needed to make and in about an hour I was able to complete the area and move on to the area where my stronghold is to be built.  I did a couple of the preliminary quests to build the stronghold but got help up by the spyglass debacle. Out of time I logged out and headed off to work.


Twelve hours later  following an hour nap and with additional caffeine in hand I logged in again to find that the condition of the server has not improved at all.  Lag was incredible, quest givers and vendors not available and booted from the server multiple times.   Needless to say I am a little underwhelmed by the content I have seen so far and am not at all pleased with the lack of stability in the game.  As of the writing of this post a significant portion of my guild is locked out of the game.


Interestingly enough I got an email from Blizzard today needing a new credit card for my second WOW account.  Based on what I have seen today, I am not in any hurry to renew that account.  With SWOTOR still having 12X XP I know what I am playing tonight. Perhaps I will get back to WOW sometime after December 2nd.

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