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SWTOR, Where I Am In The Game

Finally, summer has arrived and I have a few minutes to get back to some of the things that I love.  Among them is the game I am hooked on and that is SWTOR.  After all this time I still consider myself a Noob when it comes to the game because I know there is still so much for me to learn and figure out.  Luckily I have a great guild on the Ebon Hawk Server. My Guildies have been very patient in explaining things.


If I were to have one complaint for the game it would be a good one.  That is, “There is too much to do right now”.  Ass far as SWTOR is concerned, that is a good place to be.  As a casual player I find myself trying to balance my time between doing daily quests, I always seem to be short on funds, and leveling alts.  As if that weren’t enough to do, there are old operations to do.  This week my Guildies showed me Karagga’s Palace, Eternity Vault, and most of Explosive Conflict, all of which I had never seen the content for.  In addition, there is PVP, and the summer events like the casino event and Bounty Contract Week.  There is indeed plenty to do in SWTOR right now.




So where am I in the game?  Well, first of all, thanks to my great family who hooked me up on father’s day, I will be using my own chair exploit as I play with my new office chair.  After years of World of Warcraft, Call of Duty and SWTOR, the old one was pretty worn out.




The first of my two primary characters is Varzg my bounty hunter. Specced for DPS he is my primary grocery getter in terms of running daily quests and general fundraising.  I have taken him all the way through the Yavin storyline and am getting ready to start Ziost.  I intend to finish that storyline this week.  Eventually I hope to go back and visit the planets I skipped over as I leveled.




The second of my two primary characters is Ambrex my Agent.  Also specced for DPS, I try and run Ambrex through daily quests every couple of days as well.  Anybody who knows me knows I hate doing daily quests, so to do two in one day for me is quite an effort. Like Varzg, Ambrex’s crafting is maxed out and I will be using both characters to supply materials for leveling my other alts.  In terms of storyline, Ambrex is somewhere back on Rishi.

So, with all of this to do, my June goals are

  1. Finish the storylines for my two Main Characters
  2. Power Level my Marauder to Level 60

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