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Game Review – Boom Beach


Recently I have been trying out the Supercell’s Boom Beach on my I-Phone. I first became interested in the game when I saw a commercial for it on TV. I downloaded it and began playing. Initially things went pretty well and I was able to master the finer points of collecting resources and going out and storming the AI beaches and villages around me.


I found that resources in this game are a bit problematic. There are three resources that one initially needs in the game. The first is gold which is very easy to obtain and stockpile. On several occasions I actually maxed out the amount of gold I cold acquire. Wood was a little more scarce. There are some trees that the player can clear for extra wood, but it doesn’t yield much at a time. Wood is an essential material for upgrading and in the early level its rarity causes it to put the brakes on upgrading buildings. The real show stopper though is stone. Stone seems to be extremely hard to get and I am stuck on my upgrades because I just don’t have any.

To make matters worse, there is a PVP element of the game that allows players to pillage other players’ bases for materials. On several occasions when I have been lucky enough to find any stone, invariably somebody raids my base and takes it all.

Overall I found the game to be easy to start, but after the first ten levels not so easy to play. The amount of materials players can take in a raid seems ridiculously high and I can see where it might lead to players like me playing for a few levels, quickly getting bored and setting the game down for something else. In fairness, there is probably something I am missing here with this game, and if I am, then perhaps the problem is the game isn’t intuitive for all players. Even though the game has received the Editor’s choice award and holds a 4.5 out of 5 star rating on the Apple Store, I give this game a 3 out of 5 stars.

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