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Five Things I like about Knights of the Fallen Empire

Five Things I Like About SWTOR Knights of the Fallen Empire

It’s been two weeks since I have had the opportunity to play Knights of the Fallen Empire and I believe that it is now time to weigh in with my thoughts on the Game.  This post will be the first of a two part series taking a look at some of the changes that they have made to the game and then considering how they affect me as a player. Currently I have leveled my Bounty Hunter and My Sith Warrior through the story and both are currently awaiting the next chapter to be released.

The first quality of life change that I like is the Random Mount Button.  Like many players, I have a plethora of mounts in the game most of which I never use.  Using the random mount button allows players to have those “Oh Yeah!! I forgot I had that one!!” moments in the game when the rest seems like it is getting pretty repetitive.

The second quality of life change that I like is that you can finally initiate a whisper to another player in your guild by way of the  guild menu.  This is a long overdue change to the game that should have been included with the initial release of the game. Why it wasn’t included with the game is beyond me, but I am glad to see it now.

The third quality of life change that I like is that they have added the ability to quick travel from one planetary heroic to another.  This is a huge time saver for players who want to take advantage of the heroic content and not spend a great deal of time going from one to the next.  By clicking on the included button players can zone from one heroic to the next and keep up their game experience.

The fourth change to the game that I like is the scaling of the heroics for characters.  I think heroic runs on each planet should be at least somewhat challenging and the Developers at Bioware did a great job breathing new life into the old heroic content and making it relevant again.

The fifth change that I like is that players have been released from the burden of having to equip companions with the latest greatest gear.  Prior to the KoFE expansion I pretty much leveled my characters using Treek and let the others sit. This summer I ran Rishi, Yavin, and Ziost dailies over and over until all of my alts’ companions were geared to 192.  In hindsight I guess that was kind of a waste of time, but it did give me a chance to play a little with companions other than Treek.  Under the new system those opportunities will grow and expand even more as new companions have been added, and  the functionality of companions now includes the ability to Tank, Heal, and DPS.  I have noticed that some are better at some things than others, perhaps that will be the subject of a later post.

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