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Does CBS Really Think I am Going to Pay $5.99/Month to Watch Star Trek?

First of all I have to say that I enjoy all of the Star Trek shows.  I first began watching Star Trek as a kid and have watched off and on my whole life.  However, I would not consider myself a rabid Trekie by any stretch of the Imagination.  Star Trek is one of the most successful science fiction franchises of all time and it looks like CBS is looking to capitalize it once again, although this time in a unique way.   Beginning in January 2017 CBS will begin a new Star Trek series with new characters and hopefully new plots.   The first episode will be shown on air on regular CBS television stations.  The remainder of the episodes will only be available on the CBS streaming service at a cost of $5.99/month.  A quick look at the existing content on the streaming service shows that CBS in fact has all of the episodes of the existing Star Trek shows even the animated cartoon.

If the pilot is good, I am sure there will be many Star Trek fans who will subscribe to the streaming service in order to catch all of the latest episodes.  It is unclear if the new shows will be exclusively on CBS or if CBS will license the show out to other providers such as Netflix, Amazon, or Hulu.  At this point, I don’t see myself subscribing to CBS’ service just to watch the new show.  For me, there are three primary reasons why I would not.  First, I am already paying for Hulu and Amazon and I don’t really need another streaming service. Second looking at the list of available content on CBS there really isn’t much to spark my nerd interest other than Star Trek.  Maybe Big Bang Theory or Jericho, but I have seen most of them already and can’t justify the money to watch them again.  Finally, like many people today, I am now a binge TV watcher.  If I am going to pay to watch something I want all of the content at once, not spread out at one episode per week.  I wish CBS the best of luck if they can make this work, however I have to say I am skeptical.  In the meantime, Live long and prosper my friends.

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