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Ten Nerd Things I Am Looking Forward To In The Next Year

So as I look to the end of 2015 and ahead to 2016 there are many Ultimate Nerd Interests  for me to be excited about.  New video games, TV Shows, and movies that are totally perfect for my Nerd interests.  Today I thought I would share my list of  Nerd Things with you.

  1. Video Game Black Ops 3 – Out Tonight, I have always loved the Call of Duty Franchise and I am hopeful Black Ops 3 doesn’t disappoint.
  2. Video Game Starcraft II Legacy of the Void – Out November 10th. Fair notice I am a Starcraft casual player and am not and never will be competition level. However I do enjoy the storyline and campaign modes.
  3. Video Game Fallout 4 –Out November 10th. The trailer looks really good on this one.
  4. Video Game Star Wars The Old Republic Expansion Chapters – Due out one per month starting in January 2016
  5. Video Game Overwatch – Hopefully information on a release date will come tonight at Blizzcon.
  6. Anime Series – Attack on Titan Season 2. My daughter got me hooked on this series and now I can’t wait to watch Season 2.
  7. TV Series’ – New Episodes of The Blacklist, The Walking Dead, Star Wars Rebels, and Gotham. Right now these are pretty much the only shows I am into. Perhaps something new will come along
  8. Movie – World of Warcraft Movie to be released June 10th
  9. Video Game – World of Warcraft Legion – Due out September 2016
  10. Movie Star Wars The Force Awakens –Due out December 2017

So you have my list. What is in your list? Leave a comment below and share your ideas.

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