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To Music Or Not To Music??

So I was playing this afternoon and things were a little slow on my SWTOR server and I was the only person on at the time.  Usually I am used to a lively chat in the ExoImperium Teamspeak but today for whatever reason there was nobody on.  I am currently in the process of leveling up a third alt, my Agent, through the new content.   I posted a couple of pictures on Twitter and can we say I was super happy when SWTOR picked up and retweeted one of my pictures?  Thank you SWTOR!!



While I am at it I would be remiss to also not thank Madmar of SWTORFamily for the retweets he has been kind enough to do for me. Thank you Madmar!!




Anyway, as I was saying I usually keep my music off so that I can chat in with my guildies or focus on operations, flashpoints, PVP etc. So out of pure habit I am used to playing with no music.  On a pure whim I went ahead and turned the music back on and I must say I am impressed.  The music folks at Bioware did a really nice job with the in-game music tracks.  It made for a very enjoyable play session and defiantly enhanced the experience.  I am sure many people will say “Well Duh!!!” to such a simple thought, but I know there have to be lots more players like me that keep the music off as they do the high speed end game content.  However my suggestion is, if the opportunity presents itself to play with the music on, take advantage of it.  You will be glad you did.

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