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The Ultimate Nerd Hut is Back for 2019, New Year – Same Games (My Five Favorite Games from 2018)

As 2019 dawns I am looking back at what has been going on in the gaming community and where I am with gaming.  I find myself not spending nearly the time playing MMO’s that I used to.  Due to time constraints I don’t have nearly the time for the grind that I used to.  I am becoming more of what many would call a “filthy casual” and I am ok with that. It gives me time to pursue new interests.   So here are the top five games that I am playing these days.

5.  Sea of Thieves:  As a disclaimer I have to say that I only payed this game once, but I was playing with friends from the Exo Imperium Gaming Community and it was a total blast. I am looking forward to playing more of this title in 2019.

4.  Minecraft: Many would say Minecraft is a kids game and perhaps they are right. I enjoy the fact that it is low speed, low stress and when I want to spend some time just chilling out without having to think too hard, Minecraft is the perfect game for me. 

3. World of Warcraft:  The recent expansion for WOW had me pretty excited this year.  I enjoyed playing through the story that accompanied the new expansion.   After that though, there really wasn’t much to hold my interest.  The grind to daily quests has absolutely no appeal to me and I am not currently raiding so there really wasn’t much to do.

2.  Star Wars the Old Republic:  Many people would argue that SWTOR is a dead game. I even heard that a couple times last night while I was ushering in the new year SWTOR style. I really don’t know if it is or it isn’t, but after taking a long break from the game, I have recently returned to take advantage of the new story content and Double XP event, along with spending time with the great people from Exo Imperium.  More on this to come in a future post.

1.  Far Cry 5: Far Cry 5 hands down was my favorite game of the year.  I loved the storyline and game play and got totally immersed to the point I played out every quest and did pretty much everything the game had to offer.  When they released the ability to replay the game again using the gear acquired on the first run through I was all in.  I am absolutely looking forward to the new expansion, Far Cry New Dawn, coming out on February 15th.

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