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Game Review – Boom Beach

Recently I have been trying out the Supercell’s Boom Beach on my I-Phone. I first became interested in the game when I saw a commercial for it on TV. I downloaded it and began playing. Initially things went pretty well and I was able to master the finer points of collecting resources and going out […]

SWTOR, Where I Am In The Game

Finally, summer has arrived and I have a few minutes to get back to some of the things that I love.  Among them is the game I am hooked on and that is SWTOR.  After all this time I still consider myself a Noob when it comes to the game because I know there is […]

Crazy Holiday Season and Goals for 2015

Happy New Year Ultimate Nerd Hut Friends!!!!! I hope all is well with you as we begin the year 2015.  What an incredibly crazy holiday season it has been.  The months of November and December were one giant blur.   I thought I would share a couple of the Nerdlike traditions that we do in my house. Muppet Christmas Carol: […]

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