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Tag: Star Wars The Old Republic

To Music Or Not To Music??

So I was playing this afternoon and things were a little slow on my SWTOR server and I was the only person on at the time.  Usually I am used to a lively chat in the ExoImperium Teamspeak but today for whatever reason there was nobody on.  I am currently in the process of leveling […]

SWTOR, Where I Am In The Game

Finally, summer has arrived and I have a few minutes to get back to some of the things that I love.  Among them is the game I am hooked on and that is SWTOR.  After all this time I still consider myself a Noob when it comes to the game because I know there is […]

Welcome to the Ultimate Nerd Hut!!

On behalf of Nosit and myself, we would like to welcome you to our latest project. The ultimate nerd hut blog will be covering a wide variety of all things nerdy, with news, commentary, and opinion of our interests.  Some of the items that you can expect to see here include news and opinion about World […]

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